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2018 Chef's Note

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Current Goals
A Message From Our Chef

"Foodism is growing rapidly and I am so pleased! I keep gaining new customers and clients every month... So I thank all my loyal customers! Currently, I am expanding my knowledge in the field of Culinary Arts to Nutrition. I hope to build a strong clientele where I can provide diets to those who need it! After I have become apart of the Vasayo- MicroLife Nutritionals community, I have learned that supplements are very important. Also, I have learned I am borderline diabetic. With all this new information, it is a very important goal to help others around me to achieve a healthier self. This is why I have added VEGAN and SPA meal options for our Wednesday delivery.

Lastly, many of you ask what is my end goal with my company Foodism... and well it is a food truck. It will be my mobile kitchen and I will be willing to bring it any where to spread the flavors I have created and bring you the ease of any meal you choose delivered right to your home. Please reach out any time to speak with me about any food goals you like to build, I am willing to dedicate my time for you!"

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