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     Chef Vicki Einhorn has an extensive history with the food industry. As a young child she always held an interest in cooking and serving food. Then it was in her high school years she decided to make a career out of it. Upon graduating in 2005, she received "Best Achievement in Culinary Arts" and was accepted into world renowned, Johnson & Wales University of North Miami. Which lead her to work in many different areas of the industry. Cooking in Miami Beach to hotels, Korean Sushi restaurants & country clubs, and so much more.

     Earning her title as Chef she decided to create her own (LLC) company called Foodism-- a fun name created between her & her mom! The company was established October 2011 and is still running today. The Chef's goal with Foodism is to not only showcase her skills she has developed over the years but her creative side to test the limits with food. She hopes to bring Foodism to new heights any chance she can get!

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