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Cosmic Beauty Creations

STOP going the speed of light!

It's time to relax on this plane of reality called Cosmic Beauty Creations. A pit stop in Food Beauty World you can gather all that you need to take care of #1, YOU! All of these interstellar products are formed from the best food for body ingredients the universe has to offer. Check the shop for more details. 

Note from the Chef:

Now I am sure you are wondering why a chef would make beauty supplies. Turns out that everybody has to have a little "Me" time, including chefs! And well Chefs are Chefs and they cannot help being surrounded by food. Ingredients aren't just for eating, they help your out body too. 

Current Products

Making Coffee

Coffeehouse Scrub

Concoction of vanilla bean coffee and brown sugar

Bath Accessories

Soaking Salts

Poured mixture of Epsom & Himalayan salts, essential oils, and herbal flowers

Orange and Coconut

Tropical Sugar Scrub

A blend of lime infused coconut oil, lemongrass, and raw sugar

Image by NASA

The next creation!


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